My journey

At the age of 12 I was deeply fascinated with the potential of body and mind and some of the more mystic elements I perceived inherent in martial artists. While my dream of  studying in a Shaolin monastery in China remained a dream, I began training closer to home and my journey took me from Kung Fu, modern Wushu, via a mix of other martial arts to Aikido.

Part of why martial arts was the understanding of it accessing the power of mind and meditation. At the age of 14 a family friend invited me to join for a two week course in a Tibetan Buddhist centre and I felt an immediate strong resonance with what I encountered. While first exotic and strange it never left my life. I started exploring meditation (or what I understood under it at the time) and returned every year to learn more about Buddhism and the culture and ethics of compassion and kindness lived in that culture and place.


Over the years I traveled, moved countries and cities regularly and trained in different places with different teachers. One of my Aikido teachers introduced me to the world of mindfulness meditation and another to a non-dualist approach.

5 years ago I decided to dedicate a year to living in an Aikido centre in Switzerland. Daily training and meditation practice with regular inquiries into the nature of identity were a large component of the program. Receiving a black belt was only a small part next to community engagement, managing the daily operations and teaching Aikido and Yoga to adults and children.

After that, I returned to the world of business, working in London for 2 years, while simultaneously completing the Embodied Facilitator Course in 2017, which certifies me as an Embodied Facilitator.

2018 has been a discovery of where to take the acquired skills and experiences. I spent a lot of time living and co-creating in community, for festivals, and hosting workshops around relationship, boundaries and listening to authentic expressions in each moment and individual.